What does Péntech offer?

Péntech is driven by the goal to introduce ethical and digital funding solutions to the local financial sector, this way supporting the stronger, more stable companies and the economy. To achieve our aim, we created digital solutions that enable managers to arrange their factoring, lending and claims management issues quickly, easily and completely online with transparent terms and fees. Our target customers are small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which have to face many challenges to develop their company, such as long invoice payment terms. Some businesses wait half or a quarter of years to finally be payed off. Our digital factoring solution allows SMEs to retrieve their unpaid bills entirely online, without paperwork, within 24 hours. Additionally, we deliver revolutionary white-label software solutions to banks and larger organisations allowing them to be pioneers of their industry. We are a developing startup company welcoming ambitious interns on an on-going basis. Interns are as just as important elements of the team as other employers. We encourage them to speak up and generate new ideas, whilst guiding them through their professional development with support and open-mindedness.

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