What does Brokerchooser offer for you?


We help people invest, because investing is hard.

It is super hard to navigate financial institutions and this is where BrokerChooser helps. We listen to our customers, assess their needs and – based on their preferences – we recommend a solution on where to invest.

Every day, thousands of people from all over the world come to BrokerChooser to navigate around finance and investments. We help them. Our impact is saving people from scam providers and helping them to find a cheaper, better solution than they currently have.

Who we are?

BrokerChooser is a people-first company, focused on making our team’s lives better. You’ll enjoy complete trust, freedom and responsibility, with the support you need both professionally and personally.

Open positions

  1. Full-stack Developer Intern – if you’re a tech-savvy 💻
  2. Broker Analyst Intern – if you’re into financial analysis🔍
  3. Digital PR Intern – if you are a social media enthusiast 📸
  4. Business Admin Intern – if you’re precise and client-focused 👀
  5. Leadership Mentor Program – if you want to support our CEO 💡
  6. Designer Intern – if your creativity & UI is your superpower 🎨
  7. Career Hypothesis Program – if you don’t know your direction yet🧭

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