What does Basilicon offer ?

Based in Budapest, Basilicon is a knowledge-based organisation disguised as a boutique consulting firm. Our goal is to make an impact in the world by means of interdisciplinary consulting services both for the corporate and public sectors. Our activities are driven by the curiosity of our team members to fuse their knowledge and experience to create strategies, policies and initiatives with a novel approach. We firmly believe in professional diversity as a catalyst for creativity and progress. Maintaining a cutting-edge approach to office environments and work-life balance, we are an organisation consisting of like-minded people who never stop learning, and never want to stop making the world a better place with each little step along the way.

Focal areas:

  • Management Consulting & Strategy Design
  • Policy Design, Evaluation & 
  • Public Consulting
  • Big Data Analysis, Data Mining & Network Analysis
  • Cross-Cultural Advisory & Language Services
  • International Business Development
  • Project & Procurement Management
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