CATALYST – Embrace yourself

Do you want to make the most of yourself and take your career to the next level? Understand the key components of a well-balanced work life, get to know yourself better and clarify what to keep your focus on, in order to enable your full potential.

The CATALYST Program aims to guide you to understand key components of building a successful and fulfilling career. Fast track your progress by acquiring new practicalities: know your professiopal self, be able to cope with changes and promote your best to your targeted audience.

Catalyst program will help you:

  • Identify key components of well-being.
  • Find practical tips to manage work life balance.
  • Equip you with practical tools to create your own personal brand.
  • Respond with agility to the turbulent changes life will throw at you.

Date and time:

Sat, 7 May 2022

09:15 – 15:40

Location: LONDON, WeWork – Office Space & Coworking, 120 Moorgate EC2M 6UR


9.15-9.30: ARRIVAL Please make sure you arrive a few minutes earlier. Have a coffee or tea with us and tune in for the great and intensive day of learning.

9.30-10.00: MODULE 1


What does well-being mean according to positive psychology and how does it lead to a fulfilling life? What are the key components of happiness and how does it affect our work life?

10.00-10.15: Break

10.15-11.45: MODULE 2


What can we do to improve our self-knowledge, critical thinking and emotional consciousness? How can we manage our resources and reinforce self-efficiency? What can we do to prevent burning out? How to get unstuck and move forward in your career by creating a healthy work and life balance?

11.45-12.30: Lunch break

12.30-14.00: MODULE 3


Changes are constant in our lives and factors like climate change, artificial intelligence, digitalisation are pacing up the shifts even further. So how can we turn vulnarabilities into advantages and develop ourselves both on personal and professional levels? We will discuss practices of personal agility to help you become a more flexible, agile creator.

„There’s a practice available to each of us – the practice of embracing the process of creation in service of better” 

Seth Godin, Shipping Creative Work

14.00-14.10: Break


Why is personal branding more important than ever? Understand better the importance, complexity and step your career game up to the next level. Allow your personality to stand out and strengthen your online professional presence.


Szilvia Fodor, PhD is a Psychologist, and works as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Counselling and School Psychology, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary. Her main fields are positive psychological aspects of gifted education, wellbeing at school, the non-cognitive factors of talent development and school organizational psychology. Besides teaching and research, Szilvia is active in counselling and measurement activities at several schools, she is a regular lecturer at in-service teacher trainings and a trainer in positive psychological topics. She has been a regular consultant of the European Talent Centre, Budapest since its foundation in 2012, where her main area of consultancy is networking and psychological aspects of gifted education. She was the program coordinator of the Hungarian Templeton Project, which is a pilot program for the personalized support of exceptional cognitive talents and serves as a member of the ECHA General Committees since 2020.

Mihály Tóth is a Coach and a Mental Health Professional. With his many years of coaching experience, he can effectively contribute to the development of teams, while in his work with individuals he can help with short-term issues, and in the long-term as an external mentor providing unbiased perspective attention and personalized support. When coaching, he relies heavily on the person-centred approach, and he prefers to use fine arts tools, environment, mood, inspiration and creativity.

Luca Jakab is an experienced Brand Consultant and Creative Strategist. She comes from a culture-oriented entrepreneurial background and has a passion for innovation and social impact. Her professional focus ranges from arts and design management and creative entrepreneurship to building brands, networks and communities. Luca collaborates with entrepreneurs, NGOs and organizations around the world, actively helping them rethink their brands, update their relevance, and redefine the social role of their businesses. 


Andrea Darabos is a Business Agility Consultant and Coach with over 15 years’ experience working internationally with large organizations in various sectors.

Business agility is a key 21st century skill – both for individuals and for organizations, – as it helps you to make decisions and to move forward in spite of uncertainty. Andrea and her team at Lean Advantage equip her clients with these essential habits of agility so that they can thrive – even in unpredictable, uncertain environments.


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